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About JW Industrial Polymers

JW Industrial Polymers LLC is specialized at procuring, sorting, grinding and compounding  engineering recycling plastic scraps like PA, PMMA, ABS, POM, PC, MS etc.

We are also customs compounder for engineering resin  such as  PC/ABS, flame retardant ASB, reinforced nylon modified granulation .
We have 10 various kinds of grinders  and 5 units of the twin-screw extruder in our Villa Rica Warehouse .

As JW, Our teams have over 20 years experience in trade plastic recycling, production, and modification including automotive engineering plastics area.
We sincerely look forward to seeking to do business in the plastics and automotive engineering industry in the US.


102 Conners Rd
Villa Rica, GA 30180

Tel: (925) 8766137

Office: (678) 9526255


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